Taking a break!

Well kinda… I’m currently on a coach on the way to the South of France on a school trip for a week. Tbh during the summer I doubt I’ll have any time to write anyway and once September starts sixth form begins so I’m contemplating finishing up my fics for good by then. Nothing is decided as yet just letting you guys know, as I’m sure I won’t have time to do them once coursework/exams are underway. Sorry guys! I’ll try queue some posts once I’m back but hope you all have a good summer xx

Fic: Time Shared Links




Ok, been meaning to do this for AGES! here’s the links to Time Shared. Part 17 sadly went missing, but it doesn’t detract from the story too much!

Part 1

Part 3

Part 5

Part 7

Part 9

Part 11

Part 13

Part 15

Part 17 (summary)


Thank you !!do you know where I can find Izzies? xoxoxoxoxox

Izzie has a fic section on her page, she’s organised and updates them all on there :) x

I do indeedy! ;) x